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Amidst a world overrun with undead assholes, a single group of cosplayers must risk it all to save the one they love most.

Meet Rocket…

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Played by Manny Luke, Rocket is a strong, fiercely independent soul, complete with the emotional swings of a true leader; a leader with heart. Rocket’s main niche is costuming – armoring to be specific. He works with EVA for the most part and creates everything from Gundams to simple medieval armor. Running a successful digital download service, “Rocket’s Graphics”, Rocket owns a townhome in Valley Village, CA and lives with roommates who help him cover the mortgage. Those roommates, also his best friends, are known as the cosplay team, “The Rocket’s Rockets”.

Who is Manny Luke?

Manny earned his BFA in creative writing at Full Sail University, where he put his skills to the test in producing micro-budget short films of all genres. Shortly thereafter, one of them made it into a horror film festival, and Manny was eager to pursue this career path on a much bigger level. He moved to Los Angeles where he knew he could meet others as passionate about filmmaking as he was and developed his skills to new levels. Producing, writing, acting, directing, editing, visual effects…. Manny has leveled up his skills across the board – including co-writing ‘ZombieCON’!

When you live with friends…

ZombieCON the Movie

‘ZombieCON’ is the first live action, full length cosplay and anime-inspired movie, following a group of four cosplayers as they are forced to tackle a zombie apocalypse. This cosplay and anime-inspired movie has handcrafted EVA foam armor, cosplay masquerades, zombies and its very own con. ‘ZombieCON’: a movie about cosplayers, made by cosplayers, for cosplayers and whoever else likes awesome movies.

Where to find/what is ZombieCON the movie?

Directed by Kyle Fritz Valle

Created and Story by Kyle Fritz Valle

Written by Kyle Fritz Valle, Erin Áine and Manny Luke

Produced by Big Squid Productions:


Manny Luke (Manny’s World of Color)

Erin Áine (Quarantine 2: Terminal, The Vampire Diaries, Revolution, Dance of the Dead, Class Act)

Punkie Johnson (Saturday Night Live, Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers, Space Force, A Black Lady Sketch Show, Adam Ruins Everything)

Christian Casillas (Ricky & Martin: Bounty Hunters, Journeymen, Tune Up, Tremen2)

Carlo Mendez (Real Rob, Parks and Recreation, Kaboom, Young & Hungry, 90210)

J. Michael Trauttman (Shameless, Here Comes the Boom, 96 Minutes, Savage Youth, Longmire)

Nichole McAuley (Star Trek: Voyager, The Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop III)

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